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Sheena Allen

Teaches the Business of Building Mobile Apps
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About Sheena

You have an amazing idea for a mobile app, but how do you take it from the concept phase to the marketplace? In 2016, Sheena Allen founded her tech startup, CapWay, where she became the youngest woman in America to own and operate a digital bank. Her fintech company helps underserved millennials and Gen Z-ers connect to today’s cashless economy. Now, Sheena shares the process she used to garner over 5 million downloads in the App store, behind-the-scenes insight around common pitfalls to avoid when creating your app, the benefits of bootstrapping, and why building scalable apps is entirely possible for you, too.


Inside Sheena’s Course

Lesson Sample

(4m 25s total)

Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons (1hr 17m total)

Category: Technology & Software

Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons (1hr 17m total)

Category: Technology & Software

01. Identifying Market Opportunity

Sheena helps you understand how to identify growth opportunities in a particular market, while understanding the central pain points of your audience. She also teaches you how to validate your idea or product, and how to start in the tech industry – even if you have limited tech experience.

02. Product Design

Now that you’ve identified an opportunity and have validated it in the market, what next steps should you take to actually create and develop it? Sheena guides offers you guidance around how to develop a product roadmap. She also teaches you about UI and UX, and distinctions between the two. Finally, in this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify use cases and how to design wireframes to develop product mock-ups.

03. Product Development

It’s time to develop your app, but who should help you do it? Sheena helps you evaluate the need to outsource development, how to hire in-house engineers, and how to determine what things you can simply do yourself. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to design and develop a testable MVP, along with the tools you should and shouldn’t use for an MVP.

04. Building a Team

It’s time to build your team, but first you’ll need to identify areas of strength and weakness. Sheena helps you identify and prioritize your most immediate needs, how to vet talent, as well as how to hire, manage, partner, or collaborate with specialists that align with your brand needs.

05. Funding Your Idea

It’s no secret that money is required to develop a mobile app. Sheena shares her experience with fundraising – including the good, the bad, and the ugly. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify when it’s necessary to raise capital, or if your idea would be self-funded, venture funded, or angel funded. She also teaches you how to take inventory of your network and how to research resources to identify potential investors. Finally, you’ll learn how to develop a pitch deck and product demo to engage potential investors.

06. Product Marketing and Launch

What are the myths and misconceptions about marketing your mobile app startup? In this lesson, Sheena discusses the importance of branding, and helps you identify the mediums and channels most appropriate for marketing your product. You’ll also learn the keys to developing and executing strategic campaigns to launch your product and break into the market.

07. Attracting Press

Building awareness is key to marketing your mobile app product. Sheena helps you understand how to identify your brand and product narrative, how to identify which media platforms best align with your brand story, and how to translate your brand and product message across relevant platforms. In this lesson, you’ll also learn how the basics of pitching and engaging press to spread your story.

08. Developing a Scalable Business Model

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify and evaluate the right business models for your industry and market. Sheena shows you how to map a growth strategy for your product, and how to design a future-proof business model that aligns with your product, while positioning it to scale.


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