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Mark Clennon

Teaches the Business of Photography
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About Mark

Think you have what it takes to be a full-time, creative entrepreneur? Photographer Mark Clennon is going to show you how to leverage your photography skills to build a profitable, creative business. Mark is a New York-based photographer with a focus on editorial, commercial and documentary projects. His work has been featured in President Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign, TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, Netflix, ESSENCE, Vogue, Marvel, the NFL, and more. In this course, Mark guides you through the steps to identify your lane, build a brand, scale your photography business, and protect your brand.


Inside Mark’s Course

Lesson Sample

(1m 42s total)

Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons (2hrs 3m total)

Category: Photography

Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons (2hrs 3m total)

Category: Photography

01. Challenging Yourself Creatively

In this first lesson, Mark shares why it’s so important to push yourself consistently, the keys to actively learning and staying creatively inspired, and why going beyond your previous creative works is so valuable.

02. Finding and Owning Your Lane

Mark outlines the different lanes available in the photography space, along with key tips to solidify your footprint. He also offers insights into how to own your unique style and approach while creating a sustainable path to success.

03. Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Being a creative and an entrepreneur aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive roles. In this lesson, Mark talks about how to shift your thinking from merely being creative to being a creative entrepreneur. He also teaches you how to navigate the transition from brand to business owner, and how to see yourself beyond your artistry.

04. Designing a Scalable Business Model

Building a successful creative business requires support. Mark shows you how to identify the right people for your team, how to create a business model that sets you up for long-term success, and he gives you the keys to consistently growing your business as a photographer. He also touches on how to get clients consistently, so you can stay booked and busy.

05. Developing Internal Processes and Systems

Building a sustainable business is about developing processes and systems that work, even when you don’t. Mark breaks down the basic business needs of a photography business, how to identify the best practices and process, and how to strike a fluid balance between creativity and commerce. Finally, he teaches you how to properly manage your business at every stage of growth.

06. Maximizing Your Moment

How can you leverage your moment in the spotlight? Mark offers insight around how to best position yourself and your brand to create successful momentum. He also teaches you how to leverage your moment to create new partnerships and opportunities, and how to determine the right time to sign with an agent or management/representation.

07. Measuring Opportunity

Which opportunities are actually worth pursuing? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Mark teaches you how to master the art of saying “no,” how to measure the value and impact an opportunity will have on your career, and how to measure opportunity value beyond monetary compensation.

08. Protecting Your Brand

Your brand is the impression you leave and the perception others have of you. Mark teaches you how to protect your brand’s integrity, pitfalls to avoid as you navigate the space, and how to assure every project or opportunity remains authentically aligned with your brand.

09. Managing Your Money

In any business, cash flow is king. In this lesson, you’ll understand the financial climate and how money flows within the photo industry. Mark teaches you how to develop a pricing structure that adequately reflects your worth. He also offers guidance around what to invest in to elevate and advance your career, while being smart about saving and maximizing your money.


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